Photo by Rene Deanda on Unsplash

Is Satan within you

For you share some traits

Noises of the screeching devil

Of which it possesses you

Rats crawl from the sewer

Asking for their leader

Crimes of the criminals

Equivalent to your soul

Not jailed but set free

So look at your enemy

And my eyes are near

Between the trees, I hide

Ready to jump

Ready to attack



Photo by- Molly Belle — A black silhouette of a woman

I can’t see right now

The sun needs to come back

But it must make a full turn

Until then I trust you

Oh please don’t break my heart

I will hold on to this thought

I want to see the answer

Return my message

Sorry if I held back

I couldn’t do wrong

In this darkness,

Where are you?

Have you reached the light?

Are you with another?

Oh please don’t break my heart

Please wait till the morning

The roses will open again

The rooster will crow

Birds will be in the sky

This darkness is too deep

Oh please don’t break my heart



Photo by Joshua Harris- Red Flower

Too shy to say it

But I want to feel your touch

And for you to pull me in closer

Memorize my scent

Like that of a rose

I will remember your skin

Like that of roses petals

Together let’s be the rose

For whoever comes near

Our thorns will jab them

And consume the blood

And the rose will grow redder



Photo by Chris Charles- Green Hummingbird Pollinating on Pink Petaled Flowers

The hummingbird’s wings

Flap far too fast to see the feathers

Can’t see all the colors

and its shimmer of gold

I am its wings

Freeze me for a moment

For you have frozen my breath

But my heart sped up

Look at my detail

And understand me

See God’s creation

I give you permission

To come and admire

Make me your only desire



Photo By Hamza Baig- Brown wooden door with glass

The candle’s light is burning

She looks out the window

He waits at his balcony

Deep shadows outline her face

He stares looking for a thrill

She smiles in response

He catches a breath

For it is a first for the moon

To smile in his direction

A hand caresses her shoulder

He knows she’s not alone

It pulls her back

And the candle is blown out



Rene Muller- Unsplash

I want to be back in the desert

Because this mirage runs in my veins

And my blood has thickened

My heart’s crust is cracking

The palm trees’ leaves are calling

All while the sand is still between

My toes and in my hair

You await me in the desert

And you’re all the water I need

Hydrate me.



Mandy Choi- Unsplash

I need to watch what I say now because I’m in love with you.

When I’m in love I’m drunk.

When I’m in love with you I have overdosed. Forget about the butterflies in my belly.

It is a whole zoo in there.

The wild birds are flying.

Animals are running all over.

It is a jungle.

I want you to take me into your forest.

Swing me on the vines.

Let’s lay under the tree when it rains.

Take me into your cave when it’s dark.

Let the moon and your eyes be my only light.



Ari He- Unsplash

Writing you a love letter is simple

Your thought fills my paper

I don’t make it abstract

I make it as clear as ice

But you receiving it is different

It goes through water

The letters get smudged

It loses its rosy sent

Even though I drenched it in my perfume and kissed it

Your mind is the ocean

Please let it sit out to dry

I need you to read what it says

Read it at night

Use the moon’s light

Listen to the waves

Understand from where it came

But I know you’ll just toss it aside.